Personal Fitness

What makes YMCA Health & Fitness Programs so special?

At the Corsicana YMCA, we understand that wellness is a balancing act and involves taking good care of your spirit, mind, and body – all at the same time. At the YMCA, you will experience a great workout in our Cybex Room, Free Weight Room, and Cardiovascular Center. Our aerobic and step classes help you trim, build and shape up.

For over 100 years, YMCA programs and services have been committed to providing comprehensive strategies for well being. Our programs are specially designed to provide fitness, friendship and volunteer participation in a non-intimidating atmosphere. We will assist you in reaching your goal: an improved lifestyle.

Make your commitment to be fit and stay healthy for life at the Corsicana YMCA.

Personal Training

Personal Training here at the Corsicana YMCA offers members the chance at getting personalized workout plans and our personal trainers are ready to help you achieve MORE!

It’s not only our goal to help you acheieve your goals but to also be an active participant in helping you change your life!

Our packages start at a 1-hour sessions for $45 or a 30-minute sessions for $30.

Please contact our personal trainer Darryl White Sr. to get set up. 214-451-8421 or


Free Fitness Orientations

Youth & Teen Fitness Certification