Association History

The YMCA of Corsicana was first established in 1884 and received its Charter of Incorporation in the State of Texas on July 12, 1886. The following statement was listed on the charter as the purpose of the YMCA of Corsicana: This Association is formed for the purpose of promoting mental, moral, and physical welfare of young men, the growth in grace and Christian fellowship of its members and aggressive Christian work, especially and for young men. The YMCA of Corsicana is autonomous in nature, being governed by a board of directors and officers elected by the membership.

The YMCA of Corsicana is a member association of the National YMCA of the USA. In principal, the YMCA has sought to be Christian without being denominational. The Young Men’s Christian Association originated in London, England in 1844. Early programs in the YMCA were aimed at helping young men physically as well as spiritually. The first bible class was formed in 1893.

The first YMCA building was constructed in 1915 and was initially set up for the purpose of serving the men and boys of the community. In October 1934, the Board of Directors voted to allow women and girls to use the facility. The present facility was completed in 1968 and is located in Community Park. A $1.3 million renovation and expansion was completed in 1981.

A second renovation and expansion was completed in 2000 at a cost of $1.4 million. The facility has been totally remodeled with the addition of a Cardiovascular and Machine-Weight rooms. Windows have been added as well as walls moved to allow better facility access. Also, an elevator and indoor playground have been added.

In April 2021, the Board of Directors voted to purchase the Trinity Baptist Church located at 1200 N. 13th St., next to the YMCA. Renovations have started on the building to become a Teen Center and rental space.

In October 2023, the YMCA of Corsicana added a second branch in the town of Athens, TX. The Cain Center YMCA was renovated by the City of Athens in 2021 and includes a fitness center, pool, racquetball court, basketball court, meeting rooms, party rooms and lounge area. The Cain Center YMCA is surrounded by a beautiful 85-acre park that includes a disc golf course, softball fields, walking trails, tennis courts, pickelball courts and picnic pavilions. 

The YMCA has programs for all ages. Youth programs include: Day Camp, Kid’s Club, After-School program, open swim, open gym, racquetball, soccer, Karate, basketball, swim lessons, water safety instruction, swim team, baseball, sport’s camps, weight training, and exercise classes. Scholarships are provided for youth that have a financial need. Adult programs include: water aerobics classes, land aerobics classes, weight training, personal training, lap swim, racquetball, basketball, and volleyball. Senior activities include water walking, arthritis swim classes, swim lessons, trips and luncheons.